Malaysia: Shopping Haven part 3

Is Malaysia a shopping haven? With more than 500 shopping centres in the country and with more on the way, we'll let you decide. We've included the top 5 shopping centres in each state. This little infographic shows the distribution of shopping centres across the various states in Malaysia.

Posted by myShoza: Shopping Centres in Malaysia .com, 02 Nov 2017

Malaysia Shopping Haven
Shopping Centres in Malaysia
Malaysia has well over 500 shopping centres.  Here's where they all are...
shopping centres on map of Malaysia

Only 7 states & federal territories have super shopping centres.. i.e. those with more than 1,000,000 square feet of retail space Distribution of super malls by states in Malaysia

Top 5 shopping centres in each state by store store listing
   Based on total number store listing in each shopping centre

number of stores in shopping centres in Malaysia That's the total number of stores currently listed in across all shopping centres in Malaysia
Come check us out... If you are planning a shopping spree, we can not only give you the address of the shopping centre but the GPS coordinates as well so you can plan your trip and find the shopping centres easily... GPS location

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