Do Women Spend More Than Men?

In the current generation, it begs to wonder... Are Women still the biggest Spender??? O.o

Posted by Samantha, 28 Oct 2017


Hi there! So, as you all can tell from the title, this is an article to find out who is the bigger spender. Men or Women? 

Well, most of you must be thinking, “Oh, this again” or “Is the writer a girl or a guy?” or “Women definitely spend way more than men”. My answer to your questions; yes, this topic again, I am a female writer and I believe that both men and women spend almost the same. 

Now you may go, she’s a female; of course she would be biased and say that women don’t spend a lot. But, here’s the thing, I do agree that women spend a lot but I also believe that nowadays, men spend almost as much as well. I am not saying this based on my own thinking, opinion and belief, but I also did some research on this topic.

Here’s the thing, many have this strong and I mean strong opinion that women spend a lot. Why? Because women shop. A LOT! We shop for clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, facial and many more. With all this shopping and shopping and shopping, women spend a lot. However, in the current generation, men too spend a lot. Just take a look below on some of the things we all spend on.

What Do Men and Women Normally Splurge On?
These are a few things, which, based on research, what men and women mostly spend on. Of course, some of you may not agree with what is listed here but hear me out, there are some out there who do shop on those listed here.

1. Clothes

Sure you may say that everyone needs clothes as your argument on this. But what you need to know is how people buy more clothes than they need. Wearing nice clothes, branded clothes and looking fashionable has become one of the things that many people focus on. In the beginning it was just women who focused on clothes, now even men are concerned about their attire.


“Apparel oft proclaims the man” Aka “The clothes make the man”

From Shakespeare’s, Hamlet

Next on clothes, are the suits. Suits for business wear and formal wear are not cheap at all. Sure you may say that there are suits out there that are cheap, but my question is, are they nice? Is the quality good? Then you can say, I only need 1 suite for all occasions. Erm… Ok. But, would you really wear just 1 suit for all occasions? And would that 1 suit really fit for all the different kinds of occasions? Just click on the link below to get what I mean on suits for different occasions.

2. Accessories

Accessories comes in many forms for women, while for men, I’m talking about the watches. There are many different types of watches out there in the market. We have; Luminox, Oris, Tag Heuer, Bell & Ross and many more other types of brands. Some watches are worth even more than a Ferrari car! Of course, this does not mean that all men would go for these expensive watches. These days, women are not the only ones who want to look good and show that they are well off. Many men have decided to hop on the bandwagon.


3. Beauty

Women are now not the only ones who are conscious of their looks. Men have also begun to visit the facial treatment centres, manicure and pedicure centres and getting their hair done and styled at a hair salon. Believe me I have seen many men going to these places. Then you say of course they would go if they have really bad skin problems and have to get their haircut right? Yes. Yes. Some of them will go if their skin is really bad but some aren’t. There are some, where their skin didn’t really have much problem, but they go and have a facial. Then we have the haircut, I’m not just talking about a haircut, I am talking about getting their hair styled and fashionably cut to fit in to the trends and looks of the Korean men or Western men. 

4. Cars

If there is anything that men love, it’s their cars. Women generally like cars, but if you were to weigh who likes it more, it would definitely be men. A car is also like a status to show to people that they are well off and a car helps to boost the confidence and ego of a guy. A car not only has to look good but sound good, feel good and is also able to give the guy the status that they are good.


5. Electronics

When I asked and search around for what men would splurge on, I had many saying electronics. A good phone, headset, laptop, ipad, ipod, camera and many more. These are the things, which they would splurge on. Many would say that electronics is something which not only men would splurge on but women as well. Which I think is true but not many women would actually be very particular about their electronics I think. I mean cameras like DSLR, a good headset, a top-notch mouse for gaming (of course there are some gamer girls out there who do buy them) and more. 

Ok. So I have mentioned some of the things, which men and women spend a lot on. Then you’ll go, “Hey, you missed on many things like; make up, bags, shoes, food, entertainment and whatnot”. Well, I can’t really fit everything in here. I just touched on a few things and look at how long this article is. This article has gotten too long. I would like to elaborate on more of the points but yeah. 

So, here goes nothing. Even though many people think that women spend a lot, I think that men these days also spend almost as much as women. Some of you might not agree with me but hey everyone has his or her own opinions and thoughts. So yeah, that’s all I have for now. Thank you for taking your time to read this article that is way too long. Haha. Have a good day!

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